Resume/CV and Portfolio’s

The compilation of a CV and Portfolio that enables a graduate to and a job, is something rarely taught or being provided instructions about at the university. You can’t blame anyone either but the frustration of an art/architecture graduate completing university and not being able to land a job that will enable her/him to progress with their career can not be underestimated.

How does one compile a portfolio or CV to warrant an interview or land a even job? Share your thoughts and ideas

Academic portfolio for getting an excellent mark is different from that of landing a job. In this article by Archdaily I felt that it gave a right direction to what will be required an even helped in composing my CV and portfolio.

Another channel which I would highly recommend is a youtube channel that provides an overview guidance on how to set up a portfolio and what to include and not include.

I’ve attached a list of jobs I applied for prior to landing my first job after graduating. I felt it was necessary for me to do that in order that I can see what’s required to be awarded a job…


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