Work…work…work_ reality vs academia

Apologies I have been out of touch. Reality has caught up with me as I now understand the nature of practicing architecture vs that which I have develped in academia.

Reading this article reminded that there are some arguments that architects have among themselves that are answering the wrong questions or are addressing irrelevant issues at this stage of the professional changes. It would either be a desire to align the academic pursuits with professional interests, or enthral the profession with the promise that technology will streamline and eliminate most of the current issues which the built environment have.

I will be attempting to write something in the coming weeks, that address my experience of practice, architectural influence to society and the built environment, and also how the profession could be in harmony with academia.



UK Schools: Relevance of Design & Technology_ Understanding? Relevance?

Following this article from the new Head of the V & A museum his comment echoes a ‘blame culture’ that is continually developing in society. Failure to seek a solution is an attitude that seems to engender many conversations, a path that explore alternatives is masked away…

“Studying design and technology is a kind of immunisation process against robots taking your jobs,” Jeremy Hunt.”Human creativity ultimately cannot be taken, we think, at the moment, by some robot,” added Hunt. “So this is not just some fluffy subject that you can enjoy on the side, it’s a hard subject.”

The Creative Industries Federation warned this fall in students taking arts subjects coupled with Brexit could lead to a “talent crisis” in the industry.

We should be lookig into a an explorative and cross curriclar link into how we educate the many students ready to make their meaningful contribution to society.

To provide an education that forsters a child to be in comfort zone, results in making them a passive learner waiting for instructions to be provided…. alternative is to encourage the kids to be explorers in schools_ parents are relying on schools and schools hope the parents will encourage the kids to develop this further… the rise of private tutors and quasi organisation which claims to be problems solvers are dangers to an education on the edge of a cliff

we can’t all be lawyers_ the lack of creatvity hampers other profession,

strathclyde uni has introdued a module on interpersonla skills_





I look forward to creating more post that will allow students embarking on a journey to become a architect have an enriched understanding of the various habits that are developed along the journey. I and other contributors will refrain from reiterating the stereotypes…


I look forward to learning from you and also imparting some new light on the education of becoming an architect